Can Japanese Men Cook
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Can Japanese Men Cook?

Yes, yes they can. I mean, of course! Men everywhere can cook. I'll ashamedly admit that at one time I believed some of the generalizations that I heard about how rigid Japanese society is with social norms. You know, the men go to work and the women belong at home and in the kitchen. The… Continue reading Can Japanese Men Cook?

Leaving my home in Japan
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Settling down in Japan Was Impossible

Eight times.  Eight times is how often I've moved since coming to Japan. Considering I've only lived here for seven years, that means I've packed up and changed homes on average at least once a year. The shortest I've lived anywhere was about three months in a tiny company owned apartment in Kawasaki. Right next… Continue reading Settling down in Japan Was Impossible

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What Dating Has Been like in Japan

There were many ups and downs in my life over the past two years, but the last couple of months have made it all worthwhile. I have a solid group of friends, a wonderful boyfriend, and a lot of good memories I can look back on. Cherry blossom festivals, also known as┬áhanami (flower viewing) are… Continue reading What Dating Has Been like in Japan