Work With Us

We are always looking for wonderful stories and experiences that others can share here on The Yokohama Life.

If you are a blogger that’s living in Japan, or has experience living in Japan, we’d love to be able to feature some of your work.

We accept post submissions that follow the topics we generally cover on this site, but we ask that they follow the basic guidelines below.

Please read them carefully before submitting your post ideas.

Regular Contributors (Non-site Owners)

We welcome casual bloggers and writers to contribute their stories and advice to The Yokohama Life. Even if you don’t have experience writing for a blog, we’d love to share what you have to offer. Regular contributors may link to unaffiliated news sites, government agencies, or other resources related to Japan that they’ve found helpful.

Contributor Guidelines:

  1. Posts should focus on providing valuable information and advice that would be helpful to people living or planning to live in Japan. Posts that tackle specific questions and provide solutions to problems are very useful.
  2. Posts should be 500+ words.
  3. Each post should have at least 1 image to be used as a featured image. More are even better! You must be willing to grant us rights to edit the images to fit the site layout and size requirements.
  4. Written content and images must be original, and you must grant us full permission to publish them on the site.
  5. You must agree to allow us to edit the content for formatting, punctuation, grammatical mistakes, etc.
  6. All content should be written in American English for consistency throughout the site.

Guest Posting Contributors (Site Owners)

The Yokohama Life welcomes guest posters to introduce themselves to our readers while also providing high quality content. Those who wish to include links to personal or commercial websites they are affiliated with should follow the guidelines for guest posting below.

In exchange for following these stricter requirements, The Yokohama Life agrees to allow 1-2 “dofollow” backlinks. For anyone unfamiliar with these, backlinks are great for increasing domain authority, and boosting the traffic and search engine rankings to your website.

Guest Posting Guidelines

  1. You must be able to show examples of your previously written content.
  2. Your post must be at least 1,500+ words in length.
  3. The post should be of the highest quality that you can write.
  4. There musn’t be any spelling or grammatical mistakes.
  5. The content must be 100% original and you must be willing to give us complete rights to it.
  6. Your post should have a creative headline to catch the attention of readers.
  7. You must use larger headers to break down the article and make it more skimmable.
  8. Please include an outro at the bottom of your article, and complete the author bio.
  9. You may include 1-2 backlinks.
  10. Please share the post on all of your social media accounts once it goes live. We’ll do the same!
  11. You should respond to comments on your post. It’s a good opportunity for our readers to get to know you.
  12. You must have a working website that is up-to-date.
  13. Your draft must be shared through Google Docs for editing and collaborating before publishing the post.

Please include your blog’s URL, a general overview of the post you’d like to write, headlines you’re considering, along with the main points you’ll cover and possible keywords.

Please also send the date we can expect the draft.

Thank you!