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Can Mount Fuji Still Erupt?

Mount Fuji climbing season has arrived and many people are excited to hike Mount Fuji! Despite its beauty, it is important to remember that Mount Fuji is an active volcano. As such, it presents the ever-present danger of an eruption for both the surrounding towns and the Greater Kanto Region. Volcanologists believe it is due

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How to Prepare for the Next Big Typhoon in Japan

Does news about an approaching typhoon have you worried? Are you wondering what you should do to prepare for it, and how things will turn out afterwards? Here is some helpful information on what you can do during typhoon season to stay safe and give yourself a peace of mind. Hurricane and Typhoon season is

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When the Next BIG QUAKE Hits, You’ll Need This Grab Bag

If a major earthquake were to hit right now, how quickly could you evacuate? Do you have all of the essentials you’d need to survive the next few days in something small enough to carry? Do you have everything assembled in one bag that you could grab, and be out the door within seconds? How

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