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Settling down in Japan Was Impossible

Leaving my home in Japan

Eight times.  Eight times is how often I’ve moved since coming to Japan. Considering I’ve only lived here for seven years, that means I’ve packed up and changed homes on average at least once a year. The shortest I’ve lived anywhere was about three months in a tiny company owned apartment in Kawasaki. Right next

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How Okinawa is Different from Mainland Japan

How Okinawa is Different from Mainland Japan - Blue Shisa

It’s a chilly and rainy day here in Yokohama. Although I’m glad to be off work and spending the day relaxing at home, there’s one other place I’d rather be: Okinawa. It’s been a little over a month since my visit, but here are some thoughts on some of the things that still stand out

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Kayaking Through the Yanbaru Mangrove Forest in Okinawa

Have you always wanted to try kayaking, but felt intimidated because you’re a complete beginner and worried it might be difficult? Me, too! The Yanbaru Mangrove in Okinawa is a fun and safe place to go if you want to experience kayaking in Japan. I was a bit worried and nervous before I went, but

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